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Missy Kleinlercher, ASP, IAHSP, ICOES
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What We Do

Specializing in Staging Homes for Sale

At MK Home Staging and Design, I pride myself in my ability to work with any budget or client involvement level.  My goal for any client is to make your home more appealing to the largest home buying audience so it will sell quicker and for more money.   I am an Accredited StagingProfessional and a member of the IAHSP and also have an online degree from ICOES.  I travel all over Charlotte
and any surrounding areas all the way to South Carolina.   I've been staging all my life...I just never realized that's what it was called. 
My poor Mom was afraid to leave the house for fear of what it would look like when she returned! She also studied interior design and liked her furniture where it was (lol).  In addition to staging homes for quick sales,  I also provide additional serivces such as organizing closets or cabinets, organizing childrens' rooms or simply preparing a written consultation for the homeowner.  I love to remodel, decorate, stage, paint, redo finishes, landscape...anything to do with making a house or home look neater, cleaner and more desirable.   I've also  provided personal shopping for decor, staging for living, updating decor, decorating children's rooms and pet areas !  I also love to "up-cycle", turning your old outdated furniture into a one-of-a-kind piece no one else has.  Please contact me today as I would love to help you transform your home !
Our Services
We will de clutter, organize and stage any room in your house.
  1. Stage to Sell
    De cluttering, re organizing and staging any room in your home makes it appear larger and more appealing to the largest audience.
  2. Other Client Services
    In addition to home staging, we also provide personal shopping services, closet or cabinet organization, design and decorate children's rooms, upcycled furniture and design pet areas !